We are a small Family-Based Electrical company, have been in business since 1989. We have an amazing Team, who makes us what we are today.

Tom Smith Owner and President, We offer free Estimate’s And Tom is whom you will see coming by your home or place of Business. Tom is still very much active in the field and would prefer to put on his tool belt rather than hold a pencil sitting at a desk. Ask anyone that knows him he is a Perfectionist and will get the Job Done the right the first time. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Our 2 Office Men:

John Olk has been with the company for 8 years now, he started out in the field working in new construction and service.  He is now our Service Manager in charge of running the service department and keeping things going.  John is the guy you want to talk to for all your service needs and Advise.

Daniel Burke has been with the Company for 2 years now, He started out in New Construction and has just taken over the New Construction Division at Smith’s Electric.  Dan is your guy to talk to about building your dream home, or even a remodel.

Meet our Service Crew the Guys you will see coming into your home:

Ryan Has been with the company since 2016 He has been involved with the New Construction side of the business and also doing great with the Service side. 
Ryan is enrolled in the Electrical program at the Vo-tech, he attends classes at night, we have 2 Men now attending school to better their Electrical Knowledge, to learn the new codes and updated ways to do better for you.

Tony Has been with the Company since 2013, Tony is a great problem solver and finds the best ways to Attack your Electrical issues. Been in the business his whole life, we are lucky to have a man of his Knowledge. 

Dean Has been with the Company Since 2016 his main field of  
expertise is Service work and Figuring out Issues and finding the 
best solution to your Service needs. 

New Construction/Remodel Crew, Bringing your Dreams to Light:

Randy has been with the company since 2016 he is our supervisor and leads all jobs. 
Randy is a hard-working, loyal and dedicated member of our team. Always on the jobs always working hard and doing us Proud, you are lucky to have him wiring your Dream homes. 

Ted Just joined the Team in 2020, Just Past his 90 Day Probation Period I think we’ll keep him, LOL. Great Team Member, a special quality in his work, he works with Pride and everyone he comes in contact with takes to him right away. We are lucky he joined the team. 

Michael Just joined the team in 2020, 90 Days and you are in, Mike is a great asset to the company. Great Knowledge &  workmanship is Excellent. Very Polite and everyone he meets feels at home with him around. We are lucky to have such great guys working with us. 

Philip has been with the company since 2015, always here always giving 110% and always with a great smile on his face.  Philips’s Great mood and always positive attitude makes everyone around him feel at ease and like a Best Friend. We are lucky to have him on our Team… 

Austin has been with the Company for the past 4 months, he is training to be an 
Electrician learning the ropes from the best. Although his duties are not as exciting as the others, he fits right in and is learning fast. Hopefully, he will start school next term, we are happy for him to be on our Team. 

Bryan may new to the team but he is not new, Bryan worked for us in the past for over  2 years then went on to another company. With everything that is going on in the world right now we are blessed to still be working full force and we added a great new member to the team.  Bryan is a lead man and he is running a crew, working on your dream house, making your dreams come true. We are happy to have him back.

Our Dogs

You can’t leave the Building without first saying Hello to our Office Dogs. Meet Jazzie and Dash both are rescue dogs and were adopted by the Owners after the Right home did not come along for them. Remember to always Adopt Don’t shop, so many dogs and pups out there looking for new homes.   

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